Chelsea Plain Titanium Necklace Set

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There are women who like gold, but there are women who prefer the silver-like shimmer of plain titanium, and that’s where the glistening Chelsea Plain Titanium Necklace Set comes in. A must-have for women of all ages, this set is a masterpiece that signifies complete elegance and sophistication. The round-cut crystal with an oval bail comes with a mini-oval chain. The earrings’ crystals are similarly round-cut, and would definitely shimmer on its own because of its illusion setting. It is meant to bring out the crystals when worn, which means that this set is best for people who have cool skin tones. The Chelsea Plain set can be worn with any outfit, and because of its rather simplistic design, the crystal-silver balance would best adorn outfits with solid colors. It would also be a great accent to an all-black attire. Surely, this would provide to be a wonderful accent piece to any getup that would make any get-up extra glamorous and classy. Although most appropriately worn together to complete the set, you can wear the earrings and the necklace separately, and you’d still get that classic look no matter what you wear or do. To add to its value, you should know that the Chelsea Plain set’s metalwork is made from genuine titanium. It’s definitely as strong as it is beautiful, and to add to that, it’s also hypoallergenic. Expect no rashes or itching when you wear this elegant piece. You’ll definitely be worry-free and pretty throughout the day—its lightweight quality a definite plus in terms of comfort and convenience. Other than that, the piece is also anti fade and anti rust, so for as long as you give this set the proper care and storage, the Chelsea Plain set would be there to stay. If you’re looking for that quality set of jewelry, the Chelsea Plain Titanium Necklace Set would certainly be your favorite piece when you add it to your jewelry box.