Georgina Rose Gold Plated Titanium Necklace

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The Georgina Rose Gold Plated Titanium Necklace is for the girly girl who wants something small and sweet to wear for any occasion. This will certainly be your favorite once you have this in your jewelry box. The Georgina necklace is composed of triple heart pendants in a mini cable chain. It’s sleek and classy in its minimalist design, but doesn’t fail to exude that classic shimmer that girls just love. With its rose gold plated shimmer, you wouldn’t want to be caught without this around your neck. The pinkish necklace is a lovely piece to be worn by people with warm skin tones. This would also go well with a similarly-hued pair of earrings—hopefully, with the same minimalist design, or perhaps a simple cuff or bangle, or a single ring with a crystal cluster setting. To emphasize the Georgina’s pretty, warm tone, it may be best to matched with outfits with cool colors to give the pinkish metal a good contrast. Still, if you’re fair-skinned, this modest piece would also be a wonderful accent to white dress. The Georgina necklace is made of genuine titanium steel, which means that it contains all the necessary properties that make this exquisite accessory a valuable find. For one, it is certified hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about itching or scratching your neck when you’re out an about having fun. It’s durable and almost weightless, and with its secure lobster claw lock, you can be certain that it will stay on your neck safely the entire day. With the proper upkeep, the Georgina would last for many occasions to come. Whether you would want to wear this for a casual or a formal affair, the Georgina Rose Gold Plated Titanium Necklace would always be your go-to accessory that will definitely make you feel and look pretty.