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Black Hex Stone Inlay Titanium Wedding Ring (Men)

This is MEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Female Partner Ring CLICK HERE:
Unconventional and unique, the Black Hex Stone Inlay Titanium Wedding Ring is the set you’d want for a wedding with a specific theme. Whether you’re aiming for a medieval setting or you two just want a different color that isn’t the usual gold or plain silver—these are the rings for you. The Black Hex rings are precisely designed to bring out the best of each of its elements. First off, the black inlays of the rings are crafted in a dodecagon shape with a wooden texture. In the middle part of the ring is a separate silver band decorated with Swarovski crystals. His ring is made with lesser but bigger crystals, set in a separate channel setting in the middle. Her ring encloses a five-stone channel setting. At first glance, anyone would discount it as a silver and black ring, but its meticulous design speaks proof that this is a ring bought with much intention. These rings would go well with formal events and rugged, casual wear. The Black Hex rings do look sturdy on its own, which is more than true, considering its genuine titanium quality. Crafted to stand the test of time, the safe crystal setting and its thick black inlay make it a comfortable fit in more ways than one. Durable and lightweight on the finger, it is effortlessly easy to wear the rings for everyday activities. If given proper upkeep, you might expect to be able to pass the set down to your future kids. Who says wedding rings always have to be the usual gold? Step out of your comfort zone and adorn your fingers with these beautiful, sturdy rings. There’s nothing like this real evidence of love, but with these ageless rings. Best for lovers who’ve been through thick and thin, the Black Hex Stone Inlay Titanium Wedding Ring is the set to get for that long-awaited day