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  • How do I Order?

All orders MUST be placed online on our website. Here is the steps to follow when ordering online:

Step 1: Browse item, select size and click “Add to Cart”

Step 2: Click Checkout on the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Please complete the billing and shipping details and select your payment option.

Step 4: Place order.

Step 5: Complete payment.

Step 6: Receive order confirmation email


*Please double check your shipping address before you confirm your order. This is where we will ship your package so it is important to have this information correct.

*Please complete payment within 7 days after your order or it will be forfeited.

*If you have selected Bank Deposit, please email us a proof of payment (receipt or deposit slip)at  support@zoey.ph  or you could send it on our  Facebook page as well so we can change the status of your order to processing.

  • I have a question on my order, who do I contact?

Email us at  support@zoey.ph  or send us a message on the  contact page.

  • Do you have a meet up option?

Currently, we do not offer meetups. 

  • I ordered an incorrect ring size, can I exchange my ring?

Yes you can exchange your ring if you selected an incorrect size within14 days after your order is delivered. . Please see our  exchanges page  for more details.

  • Do you have a store in a mall?

Zoey Jewelry Philippines is only an ONLINE store. We do not have a store or a physical location where our rings are displayed.

  • I want to cancel my order.

Please note that you can only cancel your order if the order  has not been processed.  Contact us via email at  support@zoey.ph  if you want to cancel your order.

If your order has been processed, unfortunately we cannot do anything on your order at this point. Please wait until your order has been delivered and contact us for the next step. You will be  charged a handling fee of P600  to cancel a processed order plus other shipping fee incurred.

  • What is handling fee?

Handling fee is an amount charged to a customer to cover any additional expenses related to order fulfilment, labour and restocking costs incurred from your exchange/cancellation/other special request.


Do you engrave?

Zoey Jewelry Philippines do not provide engraving services. You can go to your local jeweler to ask if they can engrave your rings.

  • Do you sell GOLD Rings?

Zoey Jewelry Philippines sells 2 types of rings:  NON-PLATED or PLAIN  Titanium Rings (silver in colour) and  GOLD PLATED  Titanium which can be in yellow gold or rose gold in colour.

The term“Gold” Rings can be sometimes confusing to people who doesn’t have much knowledge on jewelry. There are three types of GOLD jewelry:  SOLID Gold, Gold FILLED and Gold PLATED . Zoey Jewelry Philippines sells rings that are  GOLD PLATED , here is a short explanation to differentiate the three:

Solid Gold: Solid gold is a precious metal that comes out of the earth. It is of course too soft in this state to be used in jewelry so it is usually mixed with copper or silver to increase it’s strength. 14K gold will have more copper or silver mixed in 22K will have less. It is by far the most expensive. Solid GOLD rings ranges from P20,000 and above.

Gold Filled: Gold filled metal is made by bonding a layer of gold, usually 50-100 times thicker than plating, to a base metal, usually sterling silver or brass, using high heat and pressure. This results in a metal that is very durable and does not flake off or rub off. It is much less expensive than solid gold. GOLD Filled ranges from P12,000 to P20,000 per pair.

Gold Plated: Gold plated metal has a thin layer of gold deposited over a base metal. This plating is made by electrically charging the gold to the base metal and is done by placing the base metal into a solution that contains gold and electrically charging it for just an instant. This results in a thin layer of gold deposits to cover the Titanium or Tungsten metal inside.

These rings are okay for everyday wear and tear. GOLD Plated Rings are usually the  most affordable  starting from P5,000 to 9,000 a pair. These rings can last just like Gold Filled rings as long as you take care of them and will give you the luxury of wearing a gold ring without overspending extra thousand of pesos for a piece.

  • Can I pawn my GOLD PLATED Rings?

No, Titanium rings are non-pawnable. Only Gold Filled and Solid Gold Rings are pawnable given that they are double or even triple the price of gold plated rings.

  • Can you customize?

Unfortunately we don’t. Zoey is a retailer not a jewelry handcrafter.

  • How do I know my ring size?

We use US ring sizes for all our rings. We recommend you to purchase our ring sizer first to avoid replacing and sending back the ring for a new size.

  • Can I use a ring chart to know my ring size?

We do not recommend using a ring chart as this might give you an inaccurate sizing. We recommend you to go to a jeweller to know your US ring size.

  • Are your meet ups still available?

Feel free to browse through our website www.zoey.ph to see our range. We offer 15 day money back guarantee if you do not like the design of the ring and you can exchange it within that time period for peace of mind. 

Kindly email us at support@zoey.ph for inquiries.