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Serendipity Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals

This is WOMEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Male Partner Ring CLICK HERE:

Longing for the traditional gold ring but with a twist? Worry no more because Zoey has the perfect ring for your specific need. Sentimental and a definite classic, the Serendipity Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals are your number one rings for our upcoming wedding celebration. Exchanging your vows would extra sweet with the Serendipity Gold set, not only because of its timeless appeal, but also because of its unique design. The flat, yellow gold shank is given a distinct flair with a thin silver lining that curves throughout the ring. However, the bride’s ring has an added quirk that makes it a flattering piece for her. In a short slash in the middle are three, round-cut Swarovski crystals in a tight channel setting. If you’re planning in advance and you’re still about to propose, an eternity ring with a pave setting would balance out the Serendipity Gold bride ring. Even so, a similarly hued or even a light rose gold ring with a slender shank would do wonders for this wide ring. Its aesthetic qualities are matched by its durability, thanks to its genuine titanium quality. It’s anti rust and anti fade—clearly meant for long-time use and wear. Given the right upkeep, you can expect to wear these rings until you celebrate your golden anniversary. Incredibly light on the hand, the Serendipity Gold is a realistic pick for the couple that wish to wear their ring despite doing hard work within the day. Not only are these rings practical, but they’re affordable too. What more can you ask for? Both of you would only have to look at the wedding rings on your hand to remember that there is always a silver lining when things get tough. Such is the lasting effect of the Serendipity Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals. Choose these rings for your wedding and you won’t regret it.