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Flat Rose Rose Gold Plated Titanium Ring

Are you putting a lot of thought into your engagement ring choice? If you’re aiming for the ring that will put all other rings to shame in terms of individuality, the Flat Rose Rose Gold Plated Titanium Ring is the solution to your quest in searching for the non-traditional engagement ring. An appropriate fit for a youthful bride with a taste for vintage and floral designs, the Flat Rose will surely give you the reaction you’re looking for. Its flat, wide shank is intricately designed with roses, brought to a perfect shimmer with its striking rose gold hue. The Flat Rose works for women with warm skin tones. This stunning ring can blend with a colorful wardrobe or pop out when worn with one-toned dresses or outfits. Because of its secure, snag-free design, your darling would find this ring utterly convenient to wear in her daily activities. It can double agent as an accessory as well, a definite plus in terms of considering her sense of style. Made of genuine titanium, the Flat Rose is incredibly light on the hand. Despite its rather obvious width, you have no worries in terms of skin irritation as this ring is hypoallergenic. Like other Zoey rings, it is also anti fade, anti rust, and nickel free. With the correct maintenance, you can expect this pretty ring to last forever. If you’re wondering about the wedding band to match the rather unique Flat Rose, a different-hued ring with a slender shank is appropriate, perhaps with a an eternal crystal setting to perfectly complement the Flat Rose’s filigree. If not, a rose gold wedding band may do the job to complement the engagement ring. Feel free to browse Zoey’s collection to find the perfect match to this splendid ring. Romantic and sweet, the Flat Rose Rose Gold Plated Titanium Ring will be the best reminder of how much you love her before and after your wedding day.