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Madison Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals (Men)

This is MEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Female Partner Ring CLICK HERE:
For a down-to-earth couple who want a modest design to mark the day they are joined together as husband and wife, the Madison Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals might be your best pick yet. Zoey is proud to present these rings as part of their top-notch wedding ring collection. With its alternative, shimmering shank design, the Madison Titanium rings both showcase a Swarovski crystal. What sets these rings apart is that despite the minimal crystal work, his and her personalities are set apart yet still appeals in a similar aesthetic appeal. For instance, the groom’s ring has a round cut crystal with a four-beaded milgrain finish, framed in a square setting. The bride’s ring, on the other hand, has a heart-shaped frame with a similar yet smaller Swarovski crystal in the middle, given a three-point milgrain design that gives it a rather heart-shaped appearance to match its border. The Madison Titanium’s silver-crystal balance makes it a great wear for a couple with cool skin tones. Even so, it is versatile in its sparkle, making it an eye-catching accessory to wear with any attire or occasion. With its weightless quality, the two of you may never want to take the rings off, no matter what you do. Considering that its design also makes it convenient for everyday wear, you will rest assured knowing that it is as tough as it looks. It is anti fade and anti rust, and hypoallergenic too. The Madison Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski Crystals set are rings that are meant to last forever, you’ll surely make the right decision when you choose this affordable pick. Whether the two of you are different—the groom a square and the bride a heart, one thing remains true, and that is both of you will always share the same love for each other as symbolized by the round crystals in between.