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Plain Two Tone Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Bands

This is WOMEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Male Partner Ring CLICK HERE:

When the two of you have already set the date, it’s just right to decide on the best set of rings to mark the day of your union. You don’t need to be confused in your search for the best wedding rings because the Plain Two Tone Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Bands is your quick solution for that classic look that just exudes wedding bells and a loving marriage to last a lifetime. Crafted in the traditional round bottom comfort fit, the Plain Two Tone Gold rings are simple at best with its golden and silver-inlay shank. There isn’t crystal work to distract you from the conventional look of this design, and this would no doubt be the perfect choice for the traditional white-themed wedding she had been dreaming of since she was a little girl. The silver inlay is also shiny enough to reflect any outfit both of you may wear, making it a convenient ring for any attire or occasion, regardless of skin tone hue. It’s called a “comfort fit” in all sense of the word, because the Plain Two Tone Gold rings are made of genuine titanium, which means that it is incredibly light on the hand, and of course, in typical Zoey fashion—it’s hypoallergenic, too. Sensitive skin and picky hands aren’t going to be an issue with these rings. If you’re worried about the rings losing their luster in the years to come, worry not because these wedding bands are nickel free, anti fade and anti rust. Given the proper care and upkeep, you can expect these rings to last a lifetime in your marriage. Classic, practical and convenient—there’s definitely forever with the Plain Two Tone Gold Plated Titanium Wedding Bands, and you simply can’t go wrong with these rings on the day you finally say “I do.”