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Swirl Swarovski Inlay Yellow Gold Wedding Bands (Men)

This is MEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Female Partner Ring CLICK HERE:
The Swirl Swarovski Inlay Yellow Gold Wedding Bands are for couples that are about to have a traditional wedding. Completing the whole classic wedding theme wouldn’t be right without these golden wedding bands. The yellow gold Swirl Swarovski rings are engraved with swirls that meet together in an almost crystal clear leaf accent that decorates the rest of the shank. Unlike the groom’s ring, however, the bride’s band comes with a distinct set of Swarovski crystals in a channel setting. What makes this crystal formation unique is its frame, in comparison to the usual rectangular frame found in other rings. The bride’s ring will also balance out a solitaire or multi-stoned engagement ring in a free form or eternity setting. The golden shank is a classic comfort fit, and would certainly complement people with warm skin tones. Still, it goes without saying that this usual go-to color would always be a wonderful highlight to any attire, whether the two of you would attend a formal suit and tie event or a casual couple’s date in the park. The Swirl Swarovski is a great bargain in terms of practicality considering the rings are hypoallergenic and almost weightless on the hand. To top it off, the rings are also anti fade and anti rust, so you can expect a lifetime together with this rings in your hands. And the fact that it’s made from genuine titanium steel makes it a durable ring that wouldn’t just bend and break. You can go about your day without worrying about these rings, that’s for sure. When we say forever, we mean it. Zoey has nothing but the best wedding rings for you. Don’t miss out on having the perfect set of rings for your wedding day and complete your celebration with the Swirl Swarovski Inlay Yellow Gold Wedding Bands.