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Two Tone Heart Crystal Gold Plated Wedding Ring

This is WOMEN'S RING ONLY (1 piece), to add the Male Partner Ring CLICK HERE:

Should you pick a gold or silver wedding band? The answer is simple: why not both? The Two Tone Heart Crystal Gold Plated Wedding Ring is the solution to your wedding band dilemma. Despite its creative design, one look at this stunner set would make you think about marriage and weddings, making it a certified classic in the Zoey wedding ring collection. To begin, the Two Tone Heart showcases the Swarovski crystal that sits flush in the center of the ring. The precious, round-cut stone is then surrounded with three micro pave beads. The crystal setting is also enclosed in a silver heart frame. The thick silver inlay is then plated with a gold band that completes the look of the shank. Thanks to its anti fade and anti rust qualities, you can expect for these thick, solid rings to last a lifetime. It is the best symbol of undying commitment to your significant other, that’s for sure. They are sturdy, hypoallergenic, nickel free and incredibly lightweight on the finger, all because it is made of genuine titanium. What better way to express your love for each other, but with the unrivaled titanium steel? A practical, convenient and affordable buy, these Two Tone Heart rings are comfortable and secure in your hand, and you would have no problem wearing it while doing your everyday activities. In the name of fashion, the two tone ring is a convenient accessory for anything in your closet. Warm and cool in perfect balance, this is a ring that would glam-up the simplest of outfits. Taking it off will definitely be the last thing on your mind. Are you ready to give your dearest your heart and a lifetime of love and devotion? Forever is best kept in a sweet promise with the Two Tone Heart Crystal Gold Plated Wedding Ring.