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March 11, 2020 4 min read

If there’s anything the Filipinos of the internet are fond of, it’s definitely prenuptial shoots from all kinds of places featuring all types of couples. From Celebrity It-Couples to out-of-the-box partners, prenups had always been a source of entertainment for Filipinos dreaming of a perfect wedding. Not only do these shoots encapsulate the personalities of the couples, it is also a great creative outlet for photographers and artists.

Many people might ask what exactly prenup shoots are for, as they have seemingly taken off over the past few years through A-list celebrities and bizarre concepts. Think of a prenup as a sneak peek for the wedding. It’s a way for the couple to invite or excite their guests and show their love for each other. It is also a way for the couples to remember and reminisce the first stages of their married life in a fun way. Besides, sometimes you just gotta do it for the gram!

These creative shoots have definitely evolved over time. From simple garden shoots to full-on out-of-country extravagance, they portray each couple’s unique flairs in different lights and angles. Sometimes, when the couples push the run-of-the-mill and go even further, it goes beyond your typical garden shoots and earns praise from strangers online. People have definitely become creative with prenups, and here are some of our favorites:

A Practical Jones Bridge Shoot Straight Out of a Romance Film

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: Peach Frost Studio

Meyrick Guan and Bernadine Go captured their love in a dramatic but practical setting at the famous Jones Bridge in Escolta, Manila. The couple didn’t want to spend too much on a prenup and chose to do it right around the neighborhood. Bernadine dressed up in a striking long red gown that perfectly matched the gold lamp posts of the famous bridge designed by well-known architect Juan M. Arellano. It looks just like a scene from a French film!

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s K-Drama-Inspired Shoot

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: Anne Curtis-Smith/Instagram

A big fan of K-drama? Take notes from celebrity royalties Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff as they stroll around the colorful landscapes of South Korea, giving usWinter Sonata feels! The two were gleaming in the middle of vast fields and lush forests. Fans were quick to double-tap on the couple’s gorgeous photos that truly showed how much they love each other. 

A Simple Couple’s Touch of Mundanity 

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: ChuckShots Studios

Prenups aren’t always about glamour and extravagance. Couple Jocjoc Avellano and Mhajoy Marabe let people in on their simple everyday life in the province as they take photos doing chores in their humbleBahay Kubo and share sweet moments along the way. The couple immediately got heartfelt replies after posting the photos with the caption “here’s our love through life’s simplest forms.”

A Trip to Memory Lane Along the Streets

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: ExtremeDetail Photography

Couple Bjorn and Cat didn’t need to travel outside of the country to have a memorable prenup. Dressed in full wedding attire, the two strutted around the streets of Araneta Center, Cubao in places that mean a lot to them. From posing with stray dogs and street vendors to eating street food and going convenient store shopping, the couple inspired people to opt for a more nostalgic and sentimental shoot instead of going big and spending too much

Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia’s Controversial Ethiopian Prenup

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: MyMetroPhoto

Not all prenups are enjoyed and adored by netizens when they become viral. Beloved celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia drew flak with their shoot in Ethiopia. The two sparked some controversy after posing in full head-to-toe floral ensembles with local women and children in the background. Many found their photos to be culturally appropriating the African country, but according to Billy, the prenup was sponsored by the Ethiopian Airlines and is a part of a tourism campaign. Regardless of the criticisms, the two definitely created an over-the-top and edgy photoshoot that was the talk of the town for quite a while. 

A High School-Themed Shoot to Bring Back Time

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image:Glenn Jubs

Marriage is an important huge step in one’s life, but Mark Arnel Amodia just can’t get away with his regrets back in high school where his fiancee Marie Anne Tago was his classmate. Wishing he had made a move right then and there, the couple went back in time in their school uniforms and favorite eating spots to relive their moments in high school. Posing with their favoritelumpias and chalkboard doodles, this prenup is a fun way to look back and reimagine life in high school. 

An Art-Inspired Shoot That Brings Out Filipino Culture

Top Viral Prenup Shoots

Image: Wildfolks Studios

For the artsy couple, this series of Fernando Amorsolo artwork recreations might be right up your alley. Couple Wendy and Roger posed by a river reenvisioning Amorsolo’s paintings from the national costumes to the portrayal of the provincial life. The two looked lovingly at each other as they strolled around with weave baskets over their heads, had a picnic on abanig, and swooned over each other by the hay. Many people praised the shoot for honoring Filipino culture through iconic artworks. 

Many Filipino couples have explored the themes and the possibilities prenup shoots can go. From exploring the Filipino culture to portraying the simple everyday life, these prenups have one thing in common: they all show their love for each other through the things they bond over. 

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