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March 06, 2020 5 min read

After a whole year of planning, you have all your wedding preparations set down to a tee and everything is going swimmingly. With all the stress and mental exhaustion, all you want to do is skip to the honeymoon and sip a cocktail by the hotel pool already. Little did you know, planning a honeymoon is a whole entire process you and your partner will need to dive into once again. Planning a getaway shouldn’t be hard, but after scrolling through countless Instagram posts and drowning in so many options, it can definitely be overwhelming.

Many celebrities and influencers usually go abroad to spend their honeymoon, but after all the wedding spendings, it’s just not possible for many couples to fly out and drink champagne by an Eiffel Tower backdrop. Contrary to popular expectations, it is indeed possible to have a luxurious and memorable honeymoon without breaking the bank. You can find lots of hidden treasures within the country. Rich with biodiversity and gorgeous islands, there’s bound to be a destination where you can spend your dream honeymoon. Here are some of our suggestions: 


Image: Choose Philippines

Afraid to stray away from the comforts of city life? Baguio is the place to go. While it is a really popular tourist spot near Manila and can get a bit crowded, it can be very romantic with the right timing and places to go. If you’re not getting married during the summer or the holidays, you’ll find Baguio’s charm in its vast parks, art galleries, and forest trails. Its city is also full of great bars where you can find good craft beer and music for a laid-back honeymoon you can enjoy with your partner. Plus, the cold weather is perfect for cuddling!


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

Image: Lonely Planet

The Bicol Region is filled with activities you can do with your spouse. Couples will never get bored with the attractions, scenic beaches, and fun-filled adventures you can do in Bicol. Of course, a must-see attraction is the famous Mayon Volcano. You can also visit and trek the Quitinday Hills where you can also find a nature park filled with extreme activities. You will also find beaches where you can learn how to surf and relax as it is usually less crowded. The main attraction, however, is Bicol’s mouth-watering delicacies toliterally spice up your honeymoon. 

El Nido

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

Image: Warriors and Wanderers

The allure of El Nido, Palawan just never gets old. Its clear blue seas and stunning caverns could not get any more romantic. This destination will remove all the stress left from your wedding preparations as you spend time with your spouse surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You can find pretty much any waterform you’re looking for; they have beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, lakes, and more. There’s a long list of things to do as well. Palawan is perfect for cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring beautiful caves. At night, El Nido also transforms into a full-blown party scene where you and your partner can have fun. 


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

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Okay, hear us out on this. Boracay may have started getting a bad rep with its crowded places, obnoxious tourists, and oversaturated commercial establishments, but ever since its rehabilitation, many people have been falling back in love with its undeniable beauty. With better management and more awareness, tourists have trickled back in with a newfound respect for nature. So if you want a romantic getaway, considering Boracay is not a bad idea. The famous white beach has a booming party scene, fresh seafood, gorgeous resorts. It might not be as cheap as most of the places on this list, but it’s definitely worth spending a few extra bucks for. 


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

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If you’re not considering any crowded attractions at all, Batanes is the perfect place. The tourism in the province is very controlled and even the flights can be as expensive as going to Singapore. However, it’s definitely worth considering because it can be a life-changing trip for you and your spouse. Batanes puts nature first with its clear skies perfect for stargazing, serene places for deep relaxation, and hidden destinations if you want to disconnect from the city life for a while. And while flights might be expensive, other expenses are definitely more affordable than commercialized beaches. Batanes is definitely perfect for spending quality time with your partner and with nature. 


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

Image: A Wanderful Sole

Not a fan of beaches? Spend your honeymoon up on the mountains of Sagada and its lush landscapes. If you’re not a fan of the city life Baguio has to offer, Sagada is the nearest place where you can find tranquility with the sea of clouds surrounding it. It also offers romantic sceneries such as caves, falls, and rice terraces. In Sagada, you can experience the rich culture of the Igorots and meet welcoming locals who will teach you the in-and-outs of the loved destination. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are many mountains to trek to witness the beautiful view from the peaks. Plus, they have great coffee!


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

Image: Journey Era

Did you really think we were going to skip this trendy destination? Siargao is loved by influencers for many reasons. The island has crystal clear waters and hidden lagoons where couples can have alone time. Create lasting memories on this island as it will never run out of activities for two. If you’re planning to learn how to surf, Siargao is not called the surfing capital for nothing! 


Affordable Honeymoon Destinations Philippines

Image: Ruth in Journey

Batangas is just two to three hours away from the city and there’s still so much to visit in this popular destination! Can’t afford a Santorini trip? Batangas boasts Camp Netanya, a Greek-themed resort that is perfect for a laid-back couple. It has spa services where you can unwind and a gorgeous pool area surrounded by the famous white establishments of Santorini. You can also find the Anilao beach nearby where you can learn how to windsurf with trained athletes. 

Planning a honeymoon around the country might be stressful, especially with the many options being that the archipelago is a hotspot for romantic getaways. This is definitely a happy problem many couples face, but remember that it doesn’t matter where you stay, honeymoons are all about spending some time together and enjoying the newly-married life. 

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