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April 01, 2020 5 min read

While many wedding venue fads have popped up over the years, church weddings remain to be the popular choice here in the Philippines. About 70% of Filipinos are Catholics, so it is no wonder that even young couples choose to go to the traditional route and say I Do within glass-stained windows. 

There are many gorgeous churches in the Philippines and Luzon is a popular hotspot filled with architectural marvels that have housed many weddings from intimate to grandiose. Whether your plan to opt for a renaissance theme or a modern take, there is a church in Luzon perfect for every type of couple. You are always guaranteed a picturesque scenery when you opt for church weddings. So if you want a wedding you will never forget, here are our top nine churches in Luzon perfect for your dream wedding. 

Stella Maris Church - Misibis Bay, Albay

Stella Maris Church Misamis Bay Wedding

Image: brideworthy

For the couples who want to stray away from the typical church setting, the Stella Maris Church is equal parts classic and modern.  Located at the breathtaking Misibis Bay in Albay, this church is perfect for a getaway wedding. Stella Maris directly translates to “star of the sea” and this definitely explains the experience of going to Misamis for a wedding. Bring in the traditional into your beach wedding and stargaze while you say I Do as the modern glass windows of this chapel gives you a peak of the sky. There’s certainly not anything more romantic than that. 

Chapel on the Hill - Tagaytay

Chapel on the Hill Tagaytay Wedding

image: rainbowfishphoto

Not much of a beach person? The well-known Chapel on the Hill hosts many weddings throughout the year. This is perfect for more intimate weddings as it is quite smaller than your usual church. Just two hours away from Manila, Tagaytay is an accessible and fuss-free choice as a venue. With the wide ceilings of the chapel and an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano, your wedding will be classy, stylish, and nature-filled without straying too far from the city. 

Tukon Chapel - Batanes

Tukon Chapel Batanes
Image: CamZar photography

Visit the highlands of Batanes on your wedding day and truly be in touch with nature. The Tukon Chapel is a famous sight in this province because of its stone-covered exterior and its perfect location on top of a hill. Batanes is not a common venue for weddings as it can be quite expensive due to the limited flights. But if you are looking for a peaceful gathering and a quieter venue, it will be worth the extra fees as Batanes is not a popular destination and is clear of buzzing tourists everywhere. 

Santuario de San Jose - Mandaluyong City

Santuario De San Jose Mandaluyong Wedding
Image: Sunday Morning Studios

While out-of-town weddings have been getting more and more common, staying around Metro Manila is not a bad choice either. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, churches are peaceful places to hold your dream wedding. For instance, the Santuario de San Jose church in Greenhills, Mandaluyong can be a great backdrop for the ceremony. It looks traditional and straightforward, but with the right amount of decor, you can transform it into the wedding you’ve always envisioned. 

Manila Cathedral -  Manila

Manila Cathedral Wedding

Image: pearloftheorientsea.blogspot.com

Another famous church in Metro Manila is the Manila Cathedral church. This centuries old church is definitely not as subtle and customizable as the Santuario de San Jose. So if you’re looking for grandeur, this is the perfect church for you. From its rich culture and history to its spectacular light display at night the Manila Cathedral is a great option for a couple who wants a bigger wedding around the city. It’s blessed by the Pope too!

Magallanes Church - Makati

Magallanes Church Makati wedding
Image: Benjie Tiongco

This church is symmetrically perfect. Its famous arch layers are definitely going to make your jaw drop. This hidden gem right in the heart of the city has produced many breathtaking wedding photos that circulated online. With you and your spouse-to-be standing right at the center as you say your vows, the rainbow-like backdrop will make a gorgeous modern take on church weddings. After all, who doesn’t love a satisfying symmetry?

Immaculate Heart of Mary - Antipolo

Immaculate Heart of Mary Antipolo Wedding
Image: Sunday Morning Studios

Being another architectural feat, the Immaculate Heart of Mary gives you a full glimpse of a lush scenery from the inside. Made with a glass ceiling, you can get a church wedding and a garden wedding at the same time! Antipolo is just a few hours away from Manila and houses a lot of resorts for your reception. Matched with this breathtaking glass church, your dream wedding is not that far from home!

Callao Cave Chapel - Cagayan

Callao Cave Chapel wedding cagayan
Image: Eric Banes/Pinterest

67,000 years ago, the Callao Cave served as the home of the earliest human found in the Philippines. Isn’t that cool? With the rich history of this cave, it is certainly worth traveling to Cagayan for a wedding! Located right inside the cave, the Callao chapel is an unorthodox venue for the unique couple. Callao is equipped with a gorgeous natural lighting and limestone rocks that will definitely remain embedded into your memories as well as your guests’. It’s not every day they get to attend a wedding in a cave!

San Sebastian Church - Manila

San Sebastian Church Manila Weddings

Image: Ilawod Studio

This national treasure found right in the heart of Manila will make you travel back in the gothic revival era with its dark interiors and tower-like architecture. The San Sebastian Church is no typical church. Towering with its glass-stained windows, high ceilings, and tall pillars, it will create the perfect backdrop to your fairytale wedding. The rustic mystical feel is also perfect for brides with a little darker traditional style. 

The number of Catholic churches in the Philippines is almost uncountable. If you’re a bride looking for the traditional religious ceremony, you might get swarmed by these options available. These unique churches should help you get started in envisioning the wedding you’ve always wanted to have. Whether it’s in a cave or a high glass ceiling, church weddings always signify the same thinga declaration of love in front of a Higher Being. So wherever you choose, this message will always be carried throughout your wedding day and your whole marriage. 

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