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April 08, 2020 4 min read

Davao might not be the most popular wedding hotspot in the Philippines, but one of the country’s main cities still has a lot to offer. Home to many beaches and the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo, crossing Davao out will make you miss a lot of fun and opportunities to have your dream wedding. Whether you’re traveling from Luzon or a native, you’ll find a venue that perfectly encapsulates your vision. 

With the oversaturation of events and weddings in Manila, Tagaytay, and other parts of Luzon, Davao remains a great escape from all the bustles of Manila without leaving the comforts of city life. And if you already live in Davao, why travel all the way to Manila only to encounter more traffic? With that said, Davao is a wedding destination waiting to be discovered! Here are some of the top venues you can book to make your dream come true: 

Hotel Tropika

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Hotel Tropika

Image: booking.com

Want a waste-free wedding? Hotel Tropika is totally on-board with environmentally friendly events! With their eco-friendly efforts such as reusing towels and linen, minimizing plastic bottle use, providing open-air venue options, and promoting water conservation, the boutique hotel is perfect for couples who prefer a no-frills wedding the environment needs! Aside from this, the hotel can host both enclosed weddings and garden-themed weddings And while you’re at it, they also offer island hopping, city walks, and nature-filled tours to help you wind down before or after the ceremony. 

The View

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - The View

Image: Bridal Fair

True to its name, The View offers lush greens, a gorgeous backdrop overlooking the city and the gulf of Davao, and a dose of sunshine sprawled along the garden. Just imagine getting married with the sunset in the background? It’s the ultimate definition of romantic! Even when you hold your wedding in the morning or at night, The View will not fail to give you the best garden  wedding you’ve envisioned. 

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Pearl Farm Resort

Image: TripAdvisor

Along outskirts of Davao City is a gorgeous resort located in Samal Island. Once a pearl farm, the resort now houses culture-meets-modern spaces for your wedding and reception--and even honeymoon all in one place! The Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s displays of Southern Philippines’ rich culture as well as a Boracay-esque beach setting that you will never forget. Catch a glimpse of the island life and bask in nature during your special day.

Marco Polo Davao

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Marco Polo

Image: Marco Polo Hotels

If you’re looking for a grand city wedding, Marco Polo is the perfect fit for you. The well-known 5-star hotel has luxury rooms and event spaces for your wedding banquet. Their spacious room is ideal for customization that will bring your visions to life. If you want your wedding to tell a modern-day fairytale, Marco Polo has it all--including delicious 5-star meals!

The Ritz Hotel

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - The Ritz

Image: Agoda

The Ritz Hotel is an affordable wedding venue for couples who can fill up the space with over 100 guests. A great backdrop to a crisp white modern wedding, The Ritz is for the city girls who enjoy a fuss-free ceremony as it is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the airport and right in the heart of the city. So if you’re worried about bringing over a hundred guests, Ritz has the perfect spot for you!

Northcrest Davao

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Northcrest

Image: davaopropertyfinder.com

For a more laid-back wedding, Northcrest allows you to have a nice wedding ceremony right by the pool. The whole countryside theme of the clubhouse is great for more intimate weddings. The simple exteriors of the clubhouse gives off a homely vibe despite the luxurious feel. Located in a high-end residential village, Northcrest definitely feels like a fresh start for newlywed couples. 

The Big House

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - The Big House

Image: Booking.com

The Big House has the right amount of rustic and classy with its vintage exteriors, outdoor spaces, and an elegant backdrop. This heritage house is one of the oldest in Davao, so if you want a sentimental and cultural experience, it can provide just that. Despite its name, The Big House is more suitable for intimate gatherings. 

Pacific Little Secret 

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Pacific Little Secret

Image: Unforgettable Destinations blog

Just like the name suggests, the Pacific Little Secret resort is a great venue for a peaceful little gathering instead of a grand ceremony. Be one with the waves in Samal Island with a small group of your friends and family on your wedding day. This breathtaking resort can serve as a perfect backdrop for low-key couples who enjoy the island life more than living in the city. So if you want to spend more time with people who matter most in your relationship, this resort is perfect for you. 

Salome’s Garden

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Salome's Garden

Image: Bride Worthy

It truly seems like the garden is the place to hold weddings in Davao as yet another popular venue, Salome’s Garden, wows many couples and guests. Whether you want an indoor space with clear glass windows or a full garden wedding in the middle of lush trees, Salome’s Garden will have a special place for you. The garden has hosted a variety of weddings from rustic to fairytale-themed, so there’s nothing they don’t know when it comes to providing you the wedding of your dreams!

Malagos Garden Resort

10 Best Wedding Venues in Davao - Malagos Beach Resort

Image: Project Lupad

Blend in luxury with nature in Malagos Garden Resort. This gorgeous resort right in the city has different venue options from gazebos to gardens depending on your number of guests. Share your vows in front of your loved ones while being surrounded with trees and rustic exteriors. While you’re at it, explore the resort’s falconry with nocturnal birds to encounter at night and try out their homegrown produce and chocolate bar!

Davao might get overlooked despite being one of the main cities in the country. Being a popular tourist spot, it’s filled with resorts and hotels you wouldn’t know could host your dream wedding. With that said, it might be a great idea to look into holding your special day in the crown jewel of Mindanao. Davao definitely goes beyond durian fruits and could be a romantic getaway you can share with your friends and family. From beaches to gardens, there is a wide array of options for your perfect wedding venue tailored just for you. 

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Featured image: Bridal Fair