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April 15, 2020 5 min read

Keeping a budget for a wedding may seem impossible. In the Philippines, a grand hotel wedding may even cost you up to 400,000 pesos for just the venue. Not to mention all your guests will probably be expecting a feast with a buffet-style reception. Including decorations, your wedding gown, accommodations, and more, your wedding may end up more daunting than exciting. 

This doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from getting your dream wedding. With a few adjustments, it’s totally possible to stay within the budget while creating your very own fairytale. Of course, it’s not going to be as easy as hiring a wedding planner and making snap decisions. But because money doesn’t grow on trees, a DIY wedding will be your best option to stay in control and avoid generic wedding packages. As scary as it may sound, planning a wedding all by yourself can totally be fun especially when you get the help of your bridesmaids and even your groom! With that being said, these are some tips on how to create a budget wedding you will never forget.

Skip the hotel wedding

Image: Bride Worthy

Let’s be honest. A grand hotel wedding is not the best option for your budget wedding. The venue alone will eat up most of it and not to mention the food can be quite expensive. With that said, if you want to keep the grandBeauty and the Beastwedding motif, renting out any enclosed space will easily help you maintain your vision with some decorating. Some event mansions may also be a cheaper alternative--and you get the whole house for your wedding! 

You might also want to consider a rustic or garden-themed wedding. This theme is more laid-back, affordable, and perfect for DIY!

Create a digital invitation

Image: A Practical Wedding

Sure, those gimmicky 3D invitations with glitters and different textures are fun, but at the end of the day, invitations are no good after the wedding! Instead of investing a lot of money creating a pretty physical invitation, digital invitations are perfect for waste-free and affordable weddings! These invitations don’t have to be boring either. You can email fun videos, post countdowns on Facebook Events, and even create an entire social media campaign. The internet is the best place to be extra--and it’s free!

Rent as much as you can

Image: The Purple Chair

Perhaps one of the best decisions you can make is to rent decorations and other equipment as much as you can. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice your exact dream design for some extra money and extra space in your house! There’s nothing wrong with being specific, but you need to weigh the consequences of buying a new set of chairs or candleholders. Not only can they cost a fortune, but they will most likely end up being clutter you’ll be forced to throw out in a few years. There are lots of catering services with sound equipment, chairs and tables, and decoration packages. Find the one that best resonates with your vision and have a fuss-free wedding day. 

Stay near your home

Image: Candieee/Flicker

Scrolling on your Instagram feed, you might end up getting jealous of influencers and celebrities traveling out of the country for their wedding. However, if you want to keep your budget, the location will definitely determine your success. If you choose to go out of the country or out of town, that means paying for flights and accommodations. There are so many emerging event spaces in Manila you might want tocheck out. This will save you money and your guests’ time. 

Check Pinterest for inspiration

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

You might not notice this but the little details can cost you a lot. This is where Pinterest can save you! From DIY photo booths to name holders, there are some fun arts and crafts activities not just for you but for your friends and family willing to help out. It’s going to seem like a lot of work, but if you have spare time in between planning to unwind and bond with your loved ones, a Pinterest crafts night can be a therapeutic break. 

Support your local bakery

Image: Naked Patisserie

You don’t need a celebrity-endorsed pastry shop to create an elegant four-tier cake. Sometimes, a little bit of research and Instagram stalking can score you a talented baker who can do your dream design for less. However, be realistic with your price expectations as hiring a freelance baker or a local bakery doesn’t mean you can demand for an outrageous discount. Keep your design simple but classic, and will definitely be able to fit it into your budget. 

Cut that guestlist

Image: Study Lish

Realistically, you’re going to have to ditch that 200-people guestlist if you want to significantly cut back on your expenses. No matter how much you budget, inviting your wholebarangay is going to cost you a whole lot. Evaluate your list and review all the guests you want to invite and you’ll definitely find some people to cut off (Like that person you’re just inviting because you feel bad.) If you really can’t edit your list, you might want to consider widening your budget range. 

Get your flowers in Dangwa

Image: Scoopnest

What’s a wedding without flowers? You definitely don’t need to remove breathtaking arrangements to stay within your budget. Instead of going to high-end flower shops, go straight to the source and visit Dangwa to find your favorite flowers for a cheaper price. This is perfect for a floral-themed wedding as you can purchase flowers for their wholesale prices. If you’re not in Metro Manila, find your wholesale flower shop nearby. 

Tap into startups and freelance creatives

Image: Katja and Simon

If you think you can ask photographers and other creatives to take professional photos for free, then you’re going to expect a wedding without pictures. It’s true that wedding photography can be expensive, but keeping a budget doesn’t mean ignoring artists’ rights. Instead, contact freelancers and photographer collectives for lower prices. Most chain photography companies add a big fee on top of the photographer’s fee. So in the end, you’re paying for the name and not the quality. Talk to your favorite independent photographer or even relatives who would be willing to take photos for the right price. 

No need to splurge on the ring

Zoey wedding rings

Image: Dual Tone Titanium Wedding Ring with Swarovski from Zoey.ph

Most couples think the ring is the one thing they need to splurge on, but that’s completely false! Zoey.ph caters to many types of couples withour unique rings. The best part is, they’re definitely affordable and high quality! By opting for the best and affordable, you can cut back on your expenses without compromising the quality of your lifetime pieces of jewelry. We also offer a lifetime guarantee for your rings--so you never have to worry about any issue!

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Weddings sometimes create so much unnecessary pressure especially when it comes to budgeting. You definitely don’t need to be paying off debt ten years later for a one-day celebration. At the same time, you don’t need to sacrifice your dreams either. Once you learn how to balance your vision and expenses, planning a wedding is going to be rewarding the moment you step down the aisle and see all your hard work. Weddings go beyond intricate details and three-layer cakes, they create memories that you will fondly look back to and create a wonderful start to your marriage. 

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